Day Services

Day Habilitation offers a unique opportunity that encourages people with developmental disabilities to design programs that work best for them, based upon their dreams and desires. Arc of Onondaga’s person-centered approach supports people in Onondaga County who possess a need for higher and more intense training in order to make their community experience, and the experience of the community, more positive.  Day Habilitation provides opportunities to learn new skills and achieve higher levels of independence.  By instilling a stronger awareness and responsibility to community inclusion, people are able to participate in and create opportunities which allow them to feel productive in their lives as unique individuals.   Choice, the foundation of all services within the HCBS Waiver – which is required for enrollment- always raises the bar in human services, and is reflected in our goals for Day Habilitation:

• People have more choice and opportunities for desired community involvement.
• People gain an increased ability to think and problem-solve; choosing a path toward their own future.
• People acquire increased self-esteem through positive interactions focusing on their abilities and not their disabilities.
• People learn new skills that increase interdependence* with others and decrease dependency on staff.

Trained direct support professionals teach program participants how to accomplish their goals both in a structured setting and in the community.  Programming is focused on development of personal living, choice making, vocational exploration, community survival and healthy living decisions, promoting self-confidence, exercise, volunteerism and socialization skills.   Activities and skill training take place both in the community and on-site.

Trailblazers – New in 2017, this innovative program focuses on the skills necessary to achieve interdependence in the community, while embarking upon personal discovery.  People are provided a collaborative approach to learning and are encouraged to promote a self-directed agenda; supporting choice and complimenting Arc’s person-centered approach to providing services.  Trailblazers promotes personal growth through Project Based Learning, which submerges individuals in interactive and inclusive community excursions to enhance their learning experience.

Trailblazers staff employ interactive methods and creative techniques in an individualized format which focus on critical and creative learning skills. Peer relationships are paramount to the success of Trailblazers. People support one another with direct guidance from support professionals. To enroll, individuals must receive services through the HCBS Waiver.

Arc of Onondaga offers day habilitation at numerous sites throughout Onondaga County five days a week.   Participating individuals must be HCBS (Home and Community-Based Services) Waiver enrolled, 18 years of age or older, and diagnosed with a developmental disability.

For more information please contact our administrative offices at 315.476.7441 or contact us at

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