Residential Services

Community Residential Service Programs (CR) strive to ensure that the people served are living in a home – not just a house – with the opportunity to mature, grow and learn the skills necessary for successful community living.  Trained staff support and assist each resident, helping them to become integrated into his or her community and develop support systems with non-disabled individuals.  The program promotes the 3IP philosophy of individualization, inclusion, independence and productivity, assisting each participant to grow to their highest potential.

All homes and supervised apartments within the Community Residential program may be considered transitional in nature as residents are encouraged to live in settings allowing for the highest level of independence attainable while still providing the appropriate level of supervision and assistance.  Arc of Onondaga provides each resident with room and board, as well as with residential habilitation services.  Three nutritionally balanced meals are provided daily.  All menus are created with the residents’ input, and special dietary needs are incorporated and monitored by a staff nurse.  Leisure-time activities are encouraged with assistance provided as needed.  Each month an activity calendar is planned with the residents at each site.

Arc supports 23 residences in the community and views each resident as an adult who possesses, to the greatest extent possible, the same rights and privileges as any other adult.

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