Community Habilitation (CH) helps people with developmental disabilities live in the least restrictive environment possible, allowing them the opportunity to access the community and build on skills in the home while encouraging independence and establishing self-confidence.

There are two different types of Community Habilitation options: one for people who live in a certified residential setting and one for people who live in other arrangements, including on their own or with family.  Community Habilitation offers a person-centered approach to achieving a person’s valued outcomes as listed in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  People receiving Community Habilitation have the opportunity to access the community as desired and/or build on skills in the home –such as maintaining a household, personal hygiene and financial management –to encourage independence and heighten one’s self-esteem and confidence.  People receiving certified residential Community Habilitation receive the same service, but all activities are community based; offering a choice to traditional day services.  Either program is individualized to the desire of the person receiving services.  Training and supports are provided as needed in order to encourage self-advocacy, community inclusion, socially appropriate behavior, communication and healthy relationships.

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