Arc of Onondaga’s Sensory Garden was the first of its kind in the area. It features a variety of special plants and features chosen specifically to ignite each of the five senses.  Flowers and plants with strong scents, unique textures, vibrant colors, and even edible herbs and vegetables inhabit its space along with a water feature, which not only provides aesthetic beauty adding to its already serene nature, but is also the only element that provides a therapeutic experience for all five senses.

Every little bit helps to reverse the impact of climate change in our environment and Arc is committed to doing its part. The carefully selected indigenous plants create a friendly and natural habitat for local wildlife including several types of birds and butterflies. It also improves air quality and adds additional permanent green space to the Westside community.  And, since the garden will remain in place in perpetuity, it will offer a sustainable environment for the community and the people we serve for generations to come.

Ways to Support

The Sensory Garden is an opportunity to create a long-lasting, inclusive community green space which not only provides therapeutic value to the people we serve, but tangible environmental and recreational benefits to the city of Syracuse. Ongoing funding is needed to continue to maintain its beauty and therapeutic value. There are many ways you can contribute to this worthwhile project. Your gift will ensure that its benefits are reaped for years to come.

Support opportunities include purchasing an engraved brick, bench or butterfly which adorn the garden, a plaque for the wall of donors, a sense, which features plants and flowers stimulating one of the five senses, or a special customized feature.  Arc of Onondaga also accepts general donations in support of the garden’s upkeep and maintenance.  Please click here to fill out your contribution form today.