Horizons Clinic

Horizons Clinic, an Article 16 clinic, provides therapeutic, clinical services to individuals with developmental disabilities, enhancing their quality of life and helping them achieve their fullest potential.   A division of Arc of Onondaga, Horizons is a free-standing clinic certified by the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.

Licensed, dedicated and professional staff provide all services offered by Horizons under the direction of a Board-certified physician.  Horizons staff members are particularly familiar with the special needs of the people they serve.

Individuals four years and older who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability before their 22nd birthday are eligible for services at the Horizons Clinic.

Services Provided by Horizons Clinic include:

  • Psychological Evaluation and Testing
    • IQ/Adaptive Testing for OPWDD eligibility
  • Sexuality Assessments
    • Determines ability to give informed consent for sexual relationships
  • Medical and Guardianship Affidavits
  • Social Work Counseling
    • Grief, anger management, self-esteem, social and healthy relationship skills, etc.
  • Speech Language Pathology
    • Communication (articulation, receptive/expressive language skills, fluency, apraxia), augmentative communication (devices, strategies), swallowing evaluations
  • Occupational/Physical Therapy
    • Fine motor skill development, muscle tone improvement, perceptual and sensory skill development

Location & Hours

600 S Wilbur Avenue, Syracuse, New York 13204

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (By appointment only)

For more information call 315.476.7441 x1167 or email at horizonsintake@arcon.org.


Horizons Clinic Application (PDF)

*All forms must be accompanied by copies of any insurance the client carries (Medicaid, Medicare, and Third party).