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Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC’s) assist individuals with developmental disabilities in obtaining the services and supports necessary for them to lead successful, independent lives in the community. MSC’s develop, implement and maintain Individualized Service Plans (ISP’s) which reflect the informed choices of the individual by outlining the personalized goals he/she wants and needs to achieve.

MSC’s use a person-centered approach; focusing on the needs and desires of the individuals and helping them to create a vision of a desirable future.  The person-centered approach builds on an individual’s abilities and skills - concentrating on achieving goals and outcomes.  MSCs assist individuals explore and achieve what they want and need in their daily lives by targeting specific activities and community services.

To be eligible to receive Medicaid Service Coordination a person must:

  • Have a documented diagnosis of a developmental disability

  • Be enrolled in Medicaid

  • Demonstrate a need for ongoing, comprehensive service coordination

  • Give consent, or have a person authorized to give consent, to receive Medicaid Service Coordination

  • Not be enrolled in any other comprehensive Medicaid long-term service coordination program


Family Reimbursement Program

Respite Reimbursement Program is designed to provide funds in order to assist individuals and their families access to respite services and goods deemed appropriate to meet the needs of the person being served.  The program is designed to assist family members by giving them some relief from full-time caregiving and may also potentially increase social interactions for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Funding is intended to complement, not supplement, other support and assistance programs.


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