Celebrating Families Through Respite

Both of our respite programs, Recreation and Onsite, are designed to celebrate families. The essence of respite is to provide some well needed relief to families that are charged with caring for people with disabilities. Our team at Arc of Onondaga appreciates all that families do to ensure the health and well-being of the people we support, and our respite programs offer a “thank you” for all the tireless and selfless care they provide on a daily basis.

Our programs are designed to ignite the imaginations of the people we support. What better tribute to a family then to have their loved ones energized and mentored in either a community or onsite setting.

Respite is more than entertainment. Beautiful relationships are formed and explored through our respite programs. With individuality at the foundation of our programming, each person supported has the opportunity to stretch their wings and ascent to new and treasured experiences. When the person flourishes; so does the family. What a grateful and thankful job we undertake here at Arc of Onondaga as we celebrate the family as well as the person!

Our newest respite program, “Respite by Design”, is a person-centered approach to traditional respite programming. We offer an afterschool component of services which may relieve some of the afternoon stress of working families. Onsite and in the community, the people we support are encouraged to explore dreams that may otherwise have gone unfulfilled as they, in turn, teach us how to be more interconnected with our communities and indeed with our dreams as well!


Jimmy Curtin

Director of Community Supports

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